About Inovius, Inc.

Inovius, Inc. started January 1, 2006 in Redding, California. Inovius is a spin-off of Veritas Health Systems (VHS) which is an established Plan Service Provider in the emerging consumer-driven healthcare (CDH) market. Inovius is the owner of the web-based, intellectual property that VHS uses to compares costs, benefits, out-of-pocket risk, and member/consumer contributions, as well as a host of additional tools, systems and resources.

These resources have now become available to banks, health plans and agencies of various types in the broader financial and health care markets.


The increased complexity of today's health benefits products demands a systematic and interactive approach to decision support. Inovius mission is to simplify important healthcare and financial decisions by providing interactive analysis tools that engage and empower the end user, whether they be your sales representatives, brokers, account holders or healthcare consumers. Our systems give the bottom-line facts needed to determine which choice or strategy is best, in just a few clicks.

Please give us an opportunity to show you how our innovative solutions can help you educate your clients and increase enrollment targets in your Consumer-Driven and HSA Compatible health plans and accounts.


Corporate Values

I - Innovation
N - Neutrality
O - Opportunity
V - Value
I - Integrity
U - Usability
S - Simplicity