Our client focus is in the health insurance market with products in proposal, open enrollment, and HSA education. Our clients include:

  • Insurance Carriers
  • General Agencies
  • Brokerage Agencies
  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Third Party Administrators (TPAs)


"The HSA Toolkit is phenomenal. The joy of these great interactive tools is that employers and employees can, in a few clicks, easily 'do the math' in comparing an HSA-compatible plan with other plans."

Bill West
First HSA

"The IEC Tool is tremendous because is provides an interactive visual comparison of annual cost. As a visual learner, this is very valuable to me."

Tanya Wilson
Employee Benefits Account Manager
USI Insurance Services of Northern California

"The IEC Tool is cutting edge and not like anything we have seen from any other HSA venders.;

Marsha Black
Black and Dupuis Insurance Services

"The IEC Tool is incredibly helpful for both the decision makers, and for their employees to really see how each plan would work for them. So many people are initially afraid of the high deductible plans, thinking they will have to pay too much for their healthcare. The IEC makes it very clear that their fears are misguided."

Tony Bruscia
Vice President
InterWest Insurance Services, Inc.