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The Interactive Enrollment Comparison (IEC) Tool has been designed to help compare potential out-of-pocket expenses for your different health plan options in an interactive format. The IEC may not provide exact calculations for a specific situation. A variety of assumptions and estimates have been used in the IEC calculations that may not accurately reflect your exact situation. Assumptions include, In-network provider utilization and calculating total cost of Medical & Rx Expenses in this descending order: Office Visits, Lab & X-ray, Inpatient, Outpatient, Emergency Room, Generic Rx and Brand Rx Prescriptions last. There are many other factors that should be considered before you make a decision regarding your health plan selection.

Certain health plan specific benefits may not be able to be included when entering new health plans, or used in the Out-of-Pocket Expenses calculation. Typical, Considerable and Catastrophic Claim Scenarios are based on pre loaded average cost and frequencies and are for illustrative purposes only. The Custom Claim Scenario allows you to input specific cost and frequency information. Actual out-of-pocket expenses may vary, depending on your insurance coverage. For detailed information on specific health plan benefit coverage and payments, it is important to review more detailed information that can be found in your health plans benefit booklet, evidence of coverage (EOC) contract, or your health insurance plan document.

While the IEC is intended to provide information you might consider while comparing health plans, many other factors should also influence your decision in selecting a health plan. Inovius makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy of the results of the IEC as they might apply to any calculations, including a Custom Claim Scenario. Inovius accepts no responsibility for your use or reliance upon the information provided by the IEC.

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iPad Giveaway Terms:
In order to qualify for the iPad drawing one must register for the IEC Builder. After registering, each IEC Tool purchase will enter the user in the drawing. The more tools purchased, the higher chances one has to win. The iPad drawing will take place after every 500 IEC Tools are purchased. The iPad giveaway is valid from June 14th, 2012 until December 31st, 2012.

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